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Welcome to Cabin Creek!  The Mission starts here...

Welcome to Cabin Creek! We have a very unique setup on 35 acres of rolling wooded terrain that includes 8 Paintball Fields located 6 miles North of Hamilton, Ohio


Our Paintball Field offers rental equipment that can handle just about any size party. We are available for Birthday Parties, Bachelor Parties, Church Outings, Corporate Events, or any other Special Occasion. Please call for details.

Cabin Creek is open with advance reservations only in January and February. If you would like to schedule play or to make reservations for a Private Party, please call (513) 726-4059.

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Speedball Field:  This field consists of over 25 large bunkers made in various shapes and sizes. It is approximately 300 ft long and 150 ft wide on rolling terrain with the flag station located dead center of the field. The objective here DEMANDS teamwork and communication if your team is to emerge the victor.



King Of The Hill: Everyone LOVES THIS FIELD. Overlooking a steep, rolling hill sits a mass of giant playhouses, spools and towering sections of picket fencing that is nothing short of nearly unapproachable. At the bottom of the giant slope are 18 bunkers, ruggedly spaced at distances that require sprinting or low crawling to avoid getting splattered. This fort allows just a couple of people to defend it with a much larger group attacking it. If that's not tough enough, a flag sits on the ridge just a few yards in front of the fort. The only problem is there are no bunkers on the hill. Once you leave the protection of the last bunker at the bottom of the hill you will have to use the hill as your protection. Once at the top, you must retrieve the flag and retreat back down the hill to the safety of the back bunker. Don't think that 2 or 3 against 6 or 8 is a given for the larger team. The odds are drawn at 50/50.



Woodsball: Old school paintball at it's best. Usage of the land throughout this game is important. Trees, logs, high grass, and a winding creek are your only defenses. If you fail to utilize all your abilities as a team you will lose.



The Pines:  "The Pines" is comprised of a large dirt mound  X that lies dead center amidst 3 acres of pines trees, pipe, and other natural cover. Fortified bunkers and a 100' long snake make this a truely unique field. But what really makes this field special are the hundreds of  pine trees that flank both sides of the field. Teamwork is ESSENTIAL to this game. It is a game of roving patrols and snipers waiting to ambush. You must be very aware of who is on your team as you never know who is around the next tree. Mental awareness and quick thinking are a must when playing this game. 


The Plateau: This game takes place on a tree covered plateau. The field is covered with large pieces of drainage pipe that has been turned into snakes and pyramids. This field offers quick, INTENSE firefights with amazing firing lanes that will keep your head on swivel, else you get splattered! Some players have called The Plateau the best field in the area.

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