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-Small Part Replacement

-General Marker Repair
Includes inspection, cleaning, and lube.

-Marker Re-Build
Includes inspection, cleaning, replacement of all worn parts and seals, lube, and tuning (if necessary)

-Autococker Performance Tuning
-Low Pressure Set-up 
-Efficiency Regulator Tuning

-Upgrade Installation

-Thread Repair

-Stripped Screw Removal

Marker Services

We carry parts for the following markers and accessories:

· Tippmann (Authorized Service Center)
· Piranha
· Spyder
· Dye
· Proto
· Planet Eclipse
· Tacamo
· Bob Long
· Dangerous Power Fusion
· WGP Autococker
And More..


We are a company devoted to keeping your gun ripping on the field and not walking to the dead box. With over 30 years of combined experience, we have the skills and knowledge to get the job done right the first time. We specialize in gun repairs for any brand, any model, or any age, period. From the latest electro-pneumatic models to restoration of the oldest classic guns; we do it all. 





Pneumatic Services

-Co2 Tank Repair

-Nitrogen Tank Repair

-Regulator Re-Build

Pneumatic Services

Our store has the lowest prices in town. We also have hundreds of items in stock and thousands of items available from our suppliers within 3 days. Contact us for more information.



Packs & Bags

140 Round Pods
Ball Hats
Chest Protectors


Fluffy Squeegee

Gold Cup Gun Oil
Lens Cleaner/Anti-Fog
Nipple Covers
Plastic Pull Thru Squeegee
Straight & Bent Elbows
Tank Covers
Thread Savers

Markers (call for info on markers)

We also carry the following general marker accessories:

· Air Line (high and low               pressure)
· Co2 Tank Parts
· Nitrogen Tank Parts
· Air Fittings
· Gauges 
· Feed Necks
· ASA On/Off Adaptors
· Rails and Drop-Forwards
· Regulators

Cabin Creek Pro Shop
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